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EXPERIAN - What Does it All Mean?

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EXPERIAN - What Does it All Mean?

So in early March I diputed an item and within 5 days Experian "updated" it.  There were a couple of changes.  The account status went from open to closed and the date on which it is scheduled to be removed has changed, in my favor.  The weird thing is, I've obtained an experian report within the last few days, and that same trade line says "in dispute, reported by subscriber."  I thought that the "update" was insanely fast, especially given the fact that there is a 45 day window on online disputes.  Does that mean that it is still in dispute somehow? I can no longer view the dispute results, as they are good for 30 days and that has passed.  The other two accounts I disputed on Experian at the same time now say something like "verified, customer disagrees" or some such nonsense.  I'm hoping maybe I can check after the 45 day mark and it will be deleted.  My hope is based on the fact that Transunion deleted the same trade line after about thirty days passed. I disputed on both EXP and TU at the same time.  If anyone has any insight, that would be great. 

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Re: EXPERIAN - What Does it All Mean?

It's not uncommon for that comment to remain long after the dispute concluded, even years. I have a couple like that.

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Re: EXPERIAN - What Does it All Mean?

Aw, shucks.


Thanks for the heads up.


Just to make sure everyone knows, I hate Experian.

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Re: EXPERIAN - What Does it All Mean?

yes, mine have been there for almost 2 years and i am in the process of trying to get them removed. you may want to check all of your reports to see if those remarks were added for the same tradelines as well.


good thing about experian, they are fairly easy to remove. just call them up and tell them you are no longer disputing those specific tradelines and they will immediately remove them. i hear eq and tu are a bit more difficult

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Re: EXPERIAN - What Does it All Mean?

Interesting.  Are you saying that perhaps the fact that it is in dispute is keeping on my credit report?

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