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EXTREME decrease in scores

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Re: EXTREME decrease in scores

I wish to add, that my scores have been between 760-840 since I started tracking in 2010, I have a very thick credit file that is totally clean. It is due to this, I think, that my credit scores stay fairly stable, even when something gets paid off or I fail to PIF before a closing date which makes that months utilization notably higher. Nothing I do seems to have any major effect....that is normal for a thick mature credit file. It is often the thin credit files that see major changes every month.

TU fico08=824 07/19/20
EX fico08=819 07/04/20
EQ fico08=835 07/06/20
EX fico09=837 07/01/20
EQ fico bankcard08=858 06/23/20
TU Fico Bankcard 08=859 06/23/20
EQ NG1 fico=802 06/20/20
EQ Resilience index score=59 04/26/20
Unknown score from EX=784 used by Cap1 07/10/20
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