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Early Exclusion

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Re: Early Exclusion



Have a DROG expiring in July. Last week, called TU and spoke with a an agent from a different country. She was nice and opened a dispute for me for EE. It is still in "Review" 


Being a little impatient, I called again to see if I could speak with a US represenative and was able to get transferred to one. Asked if there was any way of having DROG removed ddue to being "Obsolete". Was told that the creditor gets 30 days to review before any EE can be applied to my account. 


Just wanted to pass INFO along. Hopefully I get a little lucky. If not, try again next month.







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Re: Early Exclusion

My expereince is mixed. I have 3 COs that are supposed to dropped off in 2022. on TU 6/22 and EX 3/22. On 1/2/2022 on TU I submitted online EE request and with in few minutes all 3 were removed from my TU. I thought of doing the same with EX and submitted on 1/3 EX EE request online. That went as regular dispute and I got message I would know the results by 1/31/2022. Yesterday I called EX and asked them about it. Nice gentlmen said once the dispute is placed they have to give creditor 30 days to respond. He said despite what the investigation results and out come is to give EX a call on 2/1/2022 and they will remove them from my report since they are very old. I am going to wait till 2/1 and if they are not removed before then I'll call EX on 2/1 and request EX to remove them from my report. For me looks like calling EX on phone is the safest route. For TU looks like online system is working well for EE. I guess it all depends on individuals and how the CRAs handle them. 

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