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Early exclusion

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Early exclusion

Hello everyone,

I have a charge off that is expected to fall off in may of this year. How would I go about asking for an early exclusion???




Thanks in advance...

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Re: Early exclusion

Which report? TU or EX or EQ ?

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Re: Early exclusion

You want to give the CRA a call, get a super on the line and ask for the early exclusion on it. TU will do it 6 months out and the other two 1-3 months out.

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Re: Early exclusion

EX - Call and ask for a supervisor -- up to 3 months before scheduled drop off date

EQ -- Leave it - often causes more harm than good because EQ is just special.  If you must try, I recommend doing so in writing with a mailed letter clearly stating you are not disputing the account, but seeking removal of the tradeline as it is too old to be reported (this was successful for me) - up to one month before drop off date.

TU - Best results (lately) have been via online dispute using "too old to be reported" as the reason code; dispute is usually resolved within 24 hours with the tradeline deleted.  You can also call and request a supervisor but may have to reach out several times to get someone willing to cooperate - up to 6 months before scheduled drop off date. 

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