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Ebay: SOL

Ebay: SOL

Kansas has a SOL of 5 years.


This doesn't show up on my EQ report. Do I need to do anything to make sure this falls off all of my CR's?



Agency Address:PO Box 97029
Redmond, WA 980739729
Date Reported:06/2012 
Date Assigned:04/2011 
Creditor Classification: 
Creditor Name:EBAY INC 
Account Number:XXXX 
Account Owner:Individual Account. 
Original Amount Owned:$XXX
Date of 1 st Delinquency:08/2007 
Balance Date:06/2012 
Balance Owned:$275 
Last Payment Date:N/A 
Status Date:06/2012 
Status:D - Unpaid 



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Re: Ebay: SOL

Your state SOL has nothing to do when something is excluded from your CR.  That is for suing purposes only. 


Federal law determines when something is excluded based on the DoFD.  According to your TL the DoFD is 8/2007.  Up to 7.5 years from that date will be between 8/2014 and 2/2015.

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Re: Ebay: SOL

Do you recommend I PFD since they have no legal recourse now?

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Re: Ebay: SOL



Any idea what the backdoor info would be to W.I.C. who's reporting that?

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Re: Ebay: SOL

I know that ER Solutions either owns them or is part of the company.  Other than that I have no idea.

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