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Ed Sloan PFD Question

New Contributor

Ed Sloan PFD Question

I'm in rebuilding mode once again.


I send a PFD to Edward Sloan & Associates for a very old medical bill of about $250.  We are building to purchase a house.  I'd like the process to go faster rather than drag on for months.


My question is that in the letter they said to have this deleted immediately I can always pay by card over the phone.  I'm sure you can understand my hessitation but would any of you consider this as an option?  Has anyone tried this with success?


Thanks in advance,



12/29/13 - EQ 580 EX 540 TU 578 (Here we go again!)
04/10/08 - EQ 618 EX 612 TU 633
10/23/07 - EQ 559 EX 611 TU 544
08/24/07 - EQ 490 EX 485 TU 502
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