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Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)

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Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)



Does anyone have a current email address for EOS-CCA? I received a settlement offer from them for an old AT&T debt that I should have fought with AT&T (early termination clause) back in 2010. 


Now it's haunting me. I want to take them up on their settlement offer but ONLY if they'll PFD. Time is of the essence as I suspect they just re-aged the account (got a notice from myfico saying that a New Collection had been placed on my account 10 days after I filed a BBB complaint about EOS-CCA).


I have the tel # on their settlement offer but would prefer things in writing and don't have the luxury of time to do CMRR etc. I'd be very grateful for an email contact! Most PFD threads on EOS-CCA PFDs are pretty old and no one in them has replied to my PMs. Smiley Sad




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Re: Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)

Screw waiting. 


I called them directly, with FCRA statues in front of me (this debt is outside the statute of limitations). When an agent picked up, I asked to be transferred to a manager. I wouldn't budge, I refused to give one iota of personal information until they transferred me to someone who could take care of this.


I said (kindly) that I was neither calling to dispute nor validate the debt, but that I wanted to offer 40% in exchange for a writted PFD if they agreed to take a payment within the hour and provide me with written confirmation that the tradeline would be completely removed from all 3 bureaus. The manager and I had a discussion about the options but then immediately agreed. I know it's not best practices to do this by phone, but I had done my research on this creditor and we both knew that a 5 year-old debt paid @ 40% was a decent deal. I also downloaded the "Call Recorder" app from iTunes and recorded the entire conversation. In addition, I had signed up for a free fax account earlier today at part of our agreement was that I would fax them a letter stating that I would not dispute the credit card payment.


Armed with the above resources, I paid by VISA and got a confirmation #. I am waiting for a fax showing the account has been satisfied and agreeing to update all 3 CRAs by removing the negative item completely. I'll try to update this thread either way so people know whether this guerilla tactic worked. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)

Good for you! Glad they agreed!! What number did you call, and did thy send you something in writing stating they would delete the tradeline from your report?

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Re: Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)

i had various bits of contact info:

tel # on recent letter: 855-974-6090
tel # on settlement email from Jan (shortly after my lender pull): 855-974-6090*

fax # from PFD thread: 972-661-2487

fax # the manager gave me today to fax them a letter stating that if they PFD I would not dispute or cancel my Visa payment: 781-753-4457*



*these are the numbers I used. 


And I am still waiting to receive a response to my fax requesting written confirmation. I'll follow up in a day or two. If anyone has an email address, please PM me! Its a lot easier to get people's attention by email and the manager said it was against company policy to provide email addresses. 

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Re: Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)

Status update?  Did you get your letter?  I too just received an old ATT bill collection from 2010 and would like to try what you did.  Mine is for $199 and the offer letter is for $79.99.  I am wondering if I should email them a DV to see if they just remove it or try your gorilla tactic?  If anyone has a good email address for EOS CCA please PM me with it.  Thanks!

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Re: Email Contact At EOS-CCA? (old AT&T bill)



I did get the EOS-CCA AT&T bill resolved. Feel free to PM me for the contact details, but in sum here's what I did for those who want a cheat sheet:

  1. Called the # listed on my settlement letter and asked for a manager 
  2. Persisted untl I got to speak with a manager
  3. Explained that I wanted a PFD for 30%
  4. Negotiated a PFD for 50% on the condition that they provide me a letter stating that 4a. the balance is zero and 4b. the account is now closed and 4c. All credit bureaus should remove the negative reporting on this account; In addition: 
  5. I required that they agree to send me the letter within 1 business day of receiving my payment
  6. They agreed to #4 and #5, and required that I send them a letter agreeing to not rescind my payment (which I submitted over the phone, with a Visa card after having gotten the manager's name and employee ID)

It took some trust but the manager seemed earnest and came through. So that's how I got it done. I actually got the deletion letter an hour or so after paying the 50% (it sat in my spam folder without me realizing it haha). So I faxed it to all 3 bureaus myself just in case I could get it removed faster and then saw within a few weeks all 3 remove it (either because EOS-CCA sent them the letter or because mine got through--I don't know and probably never will).


Hope that helps! I got a nice 12 point boost in my score after resolving this negative entry despite the fact that it was a few years old.

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