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Equifax Report Thru FICO Pointless

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Re: Equifax Report Thru FICO Pointless

There are even a couple of posters on here who called Equifax and their CSRs told them that myFICO doesn't offer FICO scores, and that only they do. *shutters at the misinformation out there*

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Re: Equifax Report Thru FICO Pointless

This thread made me lol.  EQ wants you to spend your money on THEIR score.  The guy was doing his job, badly, but still his job nonetheless.  And generally speaking, consumers FAKOS tend to be higher than FICOs so consumers are happier with the FAKOS  and are willing to spend more money to watch it get higher.  Then they go apply for a car or house and are heartbroken to find out the FICOS are much lower and are denied when they had the confidence they'd be approved.  Still, OP's convo with the EQ rep has me lol'ing. 

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Re: Equifax Report Thru FICO Pointless

Yeah, my co-worker thinks her score is in the high 700s because of a FAKO but I don't think she believes me when I tell her it's not accurate.  To add to this, don't ever sign up for TransUnion.  After signing up online, I realized there is no swift way to stop the account online or by telephone.  Apparently, I will have to write in to have them cancel my account.  But I just decided to keep it because (1) it was too much hassle and (2) the report is a bit more detailed than what I get through myFICO. 


Still, I am currently paying for three monitoring services (myFICO for EQ, TransUnion for TU & CreditCheck for all three) and they all report everything at different times, lol.  At least myFICO has a real score.

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Re: Equifax Report Thru FICO Pointless

MarineVietVet wrote:

TwinGirls19 wrote:

Not knocking Fico, infact I love fico for getting me where Im today but today I checked my Equifax report and I notice it hasnt been moving anywhere for the pass months. I called Equifax for other reasons and the guy mentioned that they are no longer using the Fico scoring system and that they no longer send information to them, and that looking at my score he could only tell me its much different from the one I told him I got from Fico. He mentioned the new system is ERS ( EQUIFAX RISK SCORE). Has anyone else seen a stop on their Equifax score from Fico meaning no movement lately?  

This CSR was either poorly trained or outright lying to you. You can still buy an EQ FICO score directly from the EQ website and it is the same EQ Beacon 5.0 sold here. You can find that EQ FICO at this link:


EQ also sells their own proprietary "Equifax Credit Score" which is not a FICO and is not used by any lenders.


You have to be very careful what you buy directly from EQ.

THANKS so much for the link to the very elusive and semo-secret EQ Score Power FICO. They hide this part of their website so cleverly. I realize its exactly the same Beacon 5.0 that is sold here but...

thanks again MVV!!!

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