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Equifax Scores: What the heck...?

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Equifax Scores: What the heck...?

I applied for a couple cards that pull Equifax. I got approved for 1 and denied for 2. I know that there are different scoring platforms, but each creditor had a crazy different score/reason/amount of collections or issues that got me denied... My own bank (US Bank) system denied me for a cash rewards but when I reconned they sent it back for manual review because I had a 640 and only showed old OLD collections. Weird. Another card denied said I had a 565 and tons of collections. What the heck are they all pulling??? Anyone have any idea whats up with Equifax?


Other information to note:


For some reason my last name was spelled wrong on my equifax report but I disputed and changed it in Feb. My file was completely empty before I fixed my name and then all of a sudden I had a 600+ according to their site, and 630 according to CK.

Scores at start (Feb 2015) - TU:501, EX-490, EQ-510
Scores as of (Aug 2015)- TU:547, EX-535, EQ-585
March 2018- TU:644

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Re: Equifax Scores: What the heck...?

It sounds like you may have a split file.

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