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Equifax dispute letter help, please critique!

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Equifax dispute letter help, please critique!

So here is the letter I wish to send to Equifax please critique.Also do I send it certified mail???


Dear Equifax:

Thank you for the quick response to the credit reporting error that I brought to your attention on 2/15/2010. The conformation for my dispute is XXXX. After reviewing the information provided to Equifax from Bank of America I would like to dispute under FCRA 611(a) the inclusion of late payments reported by them on a closed account. After the account was charged off and closed by the creditor in August 2005 there are numerous late payments being reported. I would also like to request the method of verification on this account. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. 





Started at 586 EQ and 604 TU in 8/2009
565 EQ Oct 09
614 EQ Dec 09
624 EQ Feb 10 ---604 TU Jan 10
643 EQ March 10 --from lender
Current 573 TU (myfico) 632 EQ (from lender) Jan 11
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