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Equifax is dense

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Equifax is dense

Why, why, why is Equifax so dense and hard to work with.  About 2 years ago, my car got repossessed however I was able to get it back within a week.  TU and EXP all report the reposession but show the account as an open installment loan which they should however Equifax is reporting the account as closed.  I've been fighting them for 2 years on this and disputing the fact that it is NOT in fact a closed account and that it's very much open and they refuse to change the status even though you can clearly see i'm still making payments on it and it's current.  Is there anything I can do about this other than dispute it again?

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Re: Equifax is dense

Stop disputing it with the CRA.   Ask the lender to update Equifax.

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Re: Equifax is dense

In this case, you should reach out to the lender and request they update the tradeline on EQ. 


But - with regards to filing EQ disputes, in general: 


Are you only disputing via the online dispute portal?   If so, try sending a dispute by mail - along with documentation showing recent account activity -- to force a person to actually read.   This has worked for me  - online disputes always fail. 


However, if that still doesn't work, then file your disute, including your documentation, as a complaint via the CFPB portal -   A "special" team within EQ will handle it and you'll likely have better luck.   It'll also let you respond to EQ after receiving the dispute/complaint result should it not be resolved in your favor. 

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Re: Equifax is dense

Thank you all for the advice!!

BK Discharged - 09/16/15
Starting Scores (9/19): EQ - 474/TU - 528/EX - 502
Current Scores (11/19): EQ - 492- TU - 547/EX - 547
US Bank (secured) - $300, Total Visa - $300.00
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Re: Equifax is dense

The only way I got Equifax to get anything done is by filing a claim with the CFPB. They had it fixed within 30 days. It's seriously super easy and you can do it all online and upload any supporting documents. I would definitely recommend filing a claim against Equifax (not the lender).

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