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Equifax reporting

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Re: Equifax reporting

Wow!  I wish we had the ability to cut and paste so that you can see what I'm seeing. 

Meanwhile, my sis only let me re-type bits and pieces from the Experian report without mentioning specific account details -- I respect that.

I'll try to paint a picture as best I can.  1) It is a CA  2) It lists the OC  3) Status: Collection Account $xxx past due as of DEC 2010.  4) Date Opened: 10/2004  5) Reported Since: 10/2004  6) Date of Status: 10/2004  7) Last Reported: 12/2010  8) Account History: Collection as of Oct 2004 to Dec 2010


Here's the kicker, the Balance History shows the same dollar amount each month in descending order from 12/2010 all the way back to 10/2004 as:


Balance History:

12/2010 $xxx

11/2010 $xxx

10/2010 $xxx


10/2004 $xxx


This gotta be a couple pages long itself!   Wooooooo!!!


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