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Even bankruptcy cant protect you

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Even bankruptcy cant protect you

Hey Guys,


Someonoe is going to have to explain this one to me.


Apparently, the court ruled that a CA cant be sued for continuing collection activity even after bankruptcy.


So, this erases the debt with the OC but not the subsequent collection.   Huh?


As someone who has no problem taking illegal activity to task (and to court),  this one raises a brow.



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Re: Even bankruptcy cant protect you

It's too early to know exactly what the outcome will be from the ruling today.  Different states offer stronger protections than the feds do, so it will vary state to state as well.

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Re: Even bankruptcy cant protect you

Total lies, a CA cannot continue to collect, if they do contact your BK trustee or lawyer if you had one. The debt is discharged period if it goes to a discharge.

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