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Ex girlfriends hospital bills

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Ex girlfriends hospital bills

I have an ex girlfriend who put my name on her medical bills as her spouse. We were never married, and I never signed any of these medical forms. It is now several years later and there is a collection agency after me to settle her debt. I have told these people that we were never married and that I didn't sign the paperwork, but the collectors are adamant that I pay the debt and they refuse to take it off of my credit history. According to them, they tried to have me served at her address, but as I did not live there I did not get the paperwork, or show up for the hearing, so by this logic there is a judgement against me.


What can I do to get these people off of my back, and have this item removed from my credit history?

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Re: Ex girlfriends hospital bills

Dude, you need a lawyer.  


You could be looking at garnishments, etc.  Spend the money on a lawyer.  Borrow it if you have to.

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Re: Ex girlfriends hospital bills

+1 on the lawyer
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Re: Ex girlfriends hospital bills

+1 on the lawyer. how much is the debt for?  were you present at the time of service of the hospital?  I only ask if you were present in case you may have signed something like permision to operate on her and also signed a promise to pay?  this happened to me thats why i ask

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