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Experian EE Early Exclusion

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Experian EE Early Exclusion

I am working on fixing my credit as i am trying to buy a house in the upcoming months. Back in October I did an early exclusion on 2 charge offs from Amex that were set to be removed in December 2022 and January 2023. I did my dispute online and after about a week, 1 of the CO was removed but the other was not. This also caused the CO to remove the January 2023 drop off date that was on it. Now it doesn't show a DoFD or Drop off date. Called experian and they submitted another dispute for it.


EQ was nice but would not offer EE.


Transunion is now clean from all my CO. I had 4 total and were all removed from a dispute online. 


Despite having 4 charge offs I have very good success in getting credit lines. Some of my major ones are:

Venture X 30k

Discover It 14k

BoA CCR 10k

Paypal MC 5.4k

BoA Business CCR 4k

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Re: Experian EE Early Exclusion

Welcome @Oscarb93 

It may take another update until it reflects the EE. Not eveything is instant. CRA's update just like banks do. Give it more time.

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