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Experian Early Exclusion

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Re: Experian Early Exclusion

@Caribsa89 wrote:

@itspaul wrote:

Update: I checked my score this mornirng and i had a 63point increasse on my Experian. BK just fell off 68 days early

My new score is 775, but I have high utilization right now. Next stop is EQ

It will fall off on EQ on March 1st.  They drop BKs on the month before on the 1st day.  Like I filed on 3/30/12 and mine fell off on o2/01/22.

BK on EQ fell off on March 1st 2022 just as you said it would. Thank you for the help and information

4/16/2022 was the 10 year mark, it fell off aprox 45 days earlier

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Re: Experian Early Exclusion

@itspaul - Now you are BK7 free like me!  It's been a long road but we made it.  

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Re: Experian Early Exclusion

Yes, all three credit bureaus does EE as a good deed. It is not a requirement. However, I'd tell anyone to remain patient but most importantly when it comes to getting an EE, consistency along with with a lot kindness thru the phone can get you very far. On 2/17/22 I called into Experian about a FRAUDULENT BOA CHARGED OFF ACCOUNT in the amount $1300+. This account was a id theft account dating back from 2015, I never knew  it was on my CR's until 2020 when I started to repair my credit. After sending several failed dispute letters, filing police reports, ID Theft affidavits, you name it I filled it out. It still remained on my CR's as my one derogatory item. In Apirl of 2022 I called in again and asked when was it due to fall off completely. EX- Told me Sept 22 EQ- October  22 TU- Told me October 22. Frustrating to hear this decision for an account that was never mind. Something told me to just keep trying. So,  Every two weeks I would call &, kindly ask if they would consider doing an EE (Day of call) they all kept saying I had to wait one month before fall off date due to when the account 1st went delinquent (August' or September 2022). Finally on 5/31/22 TU deleted the boa account the same day. And then on 6/10/22 Ex & EQ Deleted on the same day. Now all three have deleted &, my score went up 42 points. No more delinquency's. And I'm now 38 points from being in the 800's. Consistency Is key!! 

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