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Experian - do you dispute online?

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Experian - do you dispute online?

This is the only agency I am getting no results out of.  My attorney has mailed out the validation letters on my stuff they keep claiming they have not gotten them.  Should I just go ahead and dispute online?  Also once the investigation is complete do they remove the dispute comments or will it be a hassle to get them removed?

Equifax my fico 629
Transunion my fico 669
Experian fako 663
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Re: Experian - do you dispute online?

My advice is simple.

Dont dispute with them at all.

Send a direct dispute directly to the furnisher of the disputed information.  Unless the furisher, upon receipt of the direct dispute, notifies the CRA of the dispute, you may totally avoid any dispute flag.  Additional benefit is that your direct dispute will result in all supporting documentation being received by the furnisher, thus avoiding the dispute sanitation done by the CRA via their e-OSCAR electronic dispute system.


Doing an online dispute further compromises your dispute, as it forces you to sanitize your own dispute as to supporting documentation.

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