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FAKO up 37, FICO down 6

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FAKO up 37, FICO down 6

I feel trapped here.  I paid down a CC from a $5K balance to $300 and got one collection account removed....and my FICO dropped 6 points from 558 to 552 on experian.  I also got added as an authorized user on another account that I know is in good standing with a $1500 balance on a $30K CC...with no lates.  I have 65 lates on my record mostly on student loans.  I need to get above 600 to qualify for a loan but it seems like I'm spinning my wheels.  I can't qualify for the loan if I can't get caught up, but I can't get caught up if I can't get a loan either!!!  Anyone have any luck with GW's on AES student loans?  I'm ready to throw in the towel and just give up.
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Re: FAKO up 37, FICO down 6

all of those late pays are killing you.......check out the student loan thread....someone there might be able to help you. All I know is to send GW letters to them.
As to paying down on your CC and being added as an AU  will only help!
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