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FICO® Score Simulator

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FICO® Score Simulator

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I couldnt decide if it was better here or the "understanding scoring" forum.


How accurate have you found the FICO® Score Simulator here on to be? I understand that the FICO model involves so many factors as to be mind-boggling, so Im not trying to split hairs on simulated is, after all, just an estimate/guide/etc.


Quick overview (EQ):

# accts 60 late or worse: 6

Public records: 2

Collections: 6

Most recent late: 3 months ago

# accts marked as derogatory: 7


The reason I ask is it is predicting some large jumps in some of the scenarios (not that bringing up a whopping 437 should be that difficult). For example, paying off a past due account (1 30 day late, car loan, 10,295.00) shows a midrange jump of 170 points. Also paying off 90%-100% revolving debt of approx 10k (which is actually an old charge off falling off later this year) of midrange 160 point increase.


Anyway just a few examples, I havent really spent much time with this tool yet. just wanted to see a general consensus of what the community thought of this tool.


Thanks, all!

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