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FICO point jump?

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FICO point jump?

Hello All.......I have a question regarding my FICO score and a point jump. I have a total of 5 cards. Mostly small limits. Below are limits and balances. I have recently paid off Orchard, Blaze and Grow Credit Union. They now have zero balances. Can I get a 20-40 point jump here since these are paid once they report to the CRA's? Thanks for any feedback. 


First Preimer - Limit $700 Balance - $650

Credit One - Limit $1100 Balance - $1040

Orchard Bank - Limit $300 Balance - $259

Blaze - Limit $350 Balance - $300

Grow Credit Union - Limit $1000 Balance - $900


My current scores are TU 621, EX 601, EQ 600. So my mean score is 601. I need to get to 640 Quickly, however, I will settle for 620. 

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Re: FICO point jump?

If you pay down the other 2 and get your util down, I'd say you'd see a significant bump.

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Re: FICO point jump?

Thanks! Can you comment as to whether or not what I have paid will give me the 20-40 point bump I need?

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