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Long story as short as possible, I had 2 CA collecting on the same account. I call the original creditor to see who I should pay. I paid the one they said should have the debt. They said they would send a letter to the other stating they should no longer be collecting on it since they sent it to another agency. I was harrassed for weeks by this CA because no letters were ever received. Well 4 weeks later and several promises that letters were sent to the CA I finally had it. I called the original creditor and refused to get off the phone till they called the CA and told them personally over the phone to delete this from my credit report and stop collecting. They finally did it! Thank goodness!! This has lead me to many near breakdowns dealing with all 3 places just trying to get this item removed. It was the last negative listing on my CR.

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Re: FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Congrats!  Sounds like some things my husband has gone through with NCO...

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