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Federal Tax Lien Removed

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Federal Tax Lien Removed



I wanted to share that I succesfully got a federal tax lien removed from my credit report.  I had an old federal tax lien that was paid in full in 2006.  Even though my credit report reflected the release of the lien and a $0 balance, it was still a derogatory item to have on my credit report.  In mid-October I submitted IRS Form 12277 "Application for Withdrawal" of a federal tax lien.  My application was approved in early November.  I mailed out copies of the IRS approval for the withdrawal to all three CRAs.  Earlier this week I checked my Experian credit report and the federal tax lien is gone. I have not checked Trans Union or Equifax.


I assumed that if the federal tax lien was completely removed, that my score would increase a few points, but it hasn't.  Wouldn't something like this improve my Experian credit score? 

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Re: Federal Tax Lien Removed

It will depend if you have any other derogatory information in your report.  You may have been rebucketed into another group of individuals.

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