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Feeling Stuck with closed CCs

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Feeling Stuck with closed CCs

Hello everyone.  I am wondering what my best bet would be to start rebuilding my credit, since three out of my four CCs are closed due to delinquency.


CC 1: Closed – Dillard’s American Express Card ---owe $747/1000----Refuse to re-open account


CC 2: Closed – Express Store Card----PAID in Full and reports as PAID or Paying as Agreed----Refuse to re-open account


CC 3: Closed – GE Amazon Store Card  $1024/1600   CHARGED-OFF ---now owned by Portfolio Recovery Associates


CC 4: Open – Bank of America Platinum Plus owe $210/800     


My Bank of America card only has one 30-day late mark.  Should I send them a GW letter to remove that? If that worked, it would then pass on over to the satisfactory accounts section of my credit report.   That account right now is my best bet to help me establish credit.  I am hoping I can deal with my charge-off next, since I am able to pay it off in full.  I don't want to get scammed by the CA, though.  


As far as my satisfactory accounts, I have mostly federal student loans, along with one private loan that's now around $8,000.  The rest of the loans are about $50k.  I will only have to start taking care of the private loan once my grace period (graduated last month) ends, since I'll be starting grad school soon and won't have to pay the federal loans.  


I don't know where to start.  I need to take care of the charge-off, but I'm upset that my score won't go anywhere if I pay all of that.  How can I rebuild credit? I had a TU 710 two years ago, then went down to a TU 610 and now have a terrible EQ 545, along with the delinquency entries. 


EQ 600 TU 597 EX 622
Target: 700 All Bureaus
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