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Finally $ to PIF... can I get lates removed?

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Re: Finally $ to PIF... can I get lates removed?

Thanks sjt!!

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Re: Finally $ to PIF... can I get lates removed?

Hi everyone,


A different account than I previously wrote about but thought I'd share

I have a Citi account that is still open but had a high balance and several lates reported.

I wrote GW to Citibank (first attempt) asking for lates to be removed. I received a letter today stating they will request the CRAs to delete the delinquencies from my CR!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first GW success!!


also, at the same time I had sent the Citi GW I also sent to several other creditors, including First Premier. I received a response from FP as well today but they refused to budge.

Two things I have considered regarding these:

1) I have recently paid off most of my balance on Citi and don't know whether or not that helped my case

2) Response letter from Citi is signed by a manager, whereas the FP latter is signed by Customer Service.


There is hope!!!

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