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Financial Credit Network - Removal Success


Financial Credit Network - Removal Success

Hi all - 


Just wanted to share my success story regarding Finanical Credit Network today...

I've been reparing my CR for some time now, but I haven't been able to address the only collection on my CR: $67 (SoCal Gas Co) which was PIF back in 2009. I  pulled my FICO scores the other day, tracked down the number for FCN and gave them a buzz. I politely asked for the collection account to be removed, and while at first they said that they are reporting correctly, a supervisor came on the line and approved the removal...since it was so old and paid in full. I was told they update the scores in a weeks time and that the adjustment wouldn't show on my CR for about 45 days. Additionally, I was told that I would be receiving a letter in the mail stating the above information.


Wow - that feels pretty good. Smiley Happy

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Re: Financial Credit Network - Removal Success


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