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Fingerhut Line of Credit to Rebuild

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Fingerhut Line of Credit to Rebuild

i applied online as a small means to rebuild credit- I got a phone call and approved for a small amount (300). I dont really plan on using it per say, but i see that it reports alot so i decided to try it. After some research i found these complaints- has anyone else had a bad experience with Fingerhut:?



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Re: Fingerhut Line of Credit to Rebuild

i got this card back in 2009 to help re-build my credit. Currently, it only reports to my Equifax (I think). I started off with a $500 cl and over the past two years, it has increased to $2000. You get small CLI if you pay on time and a little above your minimum payments. Occasionally, I received temporary CLI. But, I would have to purchase items in order to keep the credit. Example, I got a $650 increase last December. I purchased an ipod for $350 and that's the amount I ended up with in the long run. In addition, their items are overpriced. You can get most of them cheaper elsewhere, if you can afford to purchase without credit.


I plan on keeping the account since I'm not charged any fees. When I get something better, I will probably close it.

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Re: Fingerhut Line of Credit to Rebuild

I dont know about that review. You can buy small items (less than $50) on Finger Hut. I bought a flash light a few months back so they dont close my account for inactivity. As far buying something over your Finger Hut CL and then trying to pay the difference with another credit card, im not sure about. I havent bought anything that expensive, the prices on Finger Hut is not so great anyways. I only applied for credit with them last year because I had no open revolving accounts.

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Re: Fingerhut Line of Credit to Rebuild

The only prob I have w/ them is they gave me a credit limit up to 1350 - I never used more than 2-3 hundred at a time.  Right when I was needing major pointage for my mortgage, they took away my CL "because I didn't use it" and knocked it back down to 600. 

Otherwise, no problems and I'm glad I had that account bc it helped tremendously in my rebuilding.


Good Luck!

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