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First Bank of Delaware/Midland Help!!!!


First Bank of Delaware/Midland Help!!!!

I have an old 2009 account from First Bank of Delaware that was sent to Midland Credit Management in 2010. I paid MCM the debt in 2010 and a zero paid reflects for this account under collection category of my credit report.

I've just recently discovered that First Bank of Delaware has been closed since 2011. Due to this company not being in existence anymore I contacted MCM today to request a removal of this account but they refuse to remove It. My question is since this company is no longer in existence do i have leverage to have this paid account removed from my credit report being the account was sold to MCM in 2010?

This collection will fall off my actt at the end of next year but I want it removed now if possible. Any help would be great!
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Re: First Bank of Delaware/Midland Help!!!!

Look up legal actions taken on this company, you may be  able to use that as leverage to get the CA removed as they are also bound by legal settlement. If you cannot use the consent decree then you would have to use GW letters to the CA asking that it be removed.

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Re: First Bank of Delaware/Midland Help!!!!

The issue would be whether the debt collector had legitimate collection authority at the time they reported their collection.


The fact that the OC is no longer in business would not negate the fact of their prior referral or sale of the debt, thus providing collection authority to the debt collector.

I dont see any relevance to accuracy of the debt collector having had collection authority, and thus the legitimacy of their reported collection.

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