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First FICO increase!

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First FICO increase!

I’ve been getting discouraged because I paid off so much debt and had some bad stuff deleted from my reports, including current and actively reporting collections. Despite that progress and continuing to pay credit cards ontime, I lost points. I don’t expect to have much movement because of my student loan issue but I wasn’t expecting to lose points!

But today my Experian score went up 11 points! It gave me the motivation to keep this up! I can’t wait to see more increases!
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Re: First FICO increase!

There's always going to be ups and downs. For me, there was a period of 2 years where I was down and ready to give up because of how bad my credit had become. The frustration was multiplied because before my hospital stay, my credit was flawless. It will get better. Unfortunately, time is the biggest factor in re/building and I think a lot of people forget that when reading the forum. You'll get there.

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Re: First FICO increase!

Thanks! I know it takes time, and thankfully I do have a few good things going for my score, such as my age of oldest account turns 18 this August, and my average age is 11 years. My inquiries are 1-4, and my utilization is around 12% overall. I know I’ll see a big bump once I get my loans out of default! I may even see smaller bumps as I clean up my few remaining issues. Time will be my friend for sure!
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5/20/2019: EQ - 568 TU - 591 EX: 589
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Re: First FICO increase!

You have a lot of positives there. Once your defaults are gone those age factors will definitely help to insulate your scores against a lot of issues that would hurt younger files (such as the age effects of opening new accounts). With that AoOA and AAoA you may not even see a dip for a new account other than for the HP. And you can even dodge that by getting in with AMEX since once you’re established with them, the vast majority of the time additional cards are a SP.

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Re: First FICO increase!

Congrats on the 11 point increase!  That indeed is a great feeling.  Keep up the faith and hard work, as it will pay off.  Believe me, I am one of the poster childs for extremely low scores, but through a lot of hard work and support and education of this forum, recovered nicely.  You can do it, too!  



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My UTIL: Less than 1% - Only allow about $10 a month to report, on one account. .
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Re: First FICO increase!

Its good you are taking care of these things, grats on this score increase, time heals all wounds in the realm of Fico.
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Re: First FICO increase!

Congrats. You are probably set up well for the long run despite bumps in a shorter timeframe.


I have the opposite situation. I can't even get scores from MyFICO because my TU has nothing older than a month. Same with Experian, but for some reason, MyFICO cites TU and not EX when it cancels my order. I signed up for 3-bureau reports on the TransUnion Web site, and, in a little over a month, I've seen VantageScore numbers skyrocket from EQ 625/TU 510/EX 510 to EQ 667/TU 656/EX 652. But, I can't get approved for non-secured cards still, because (I suppose) of credit age and lots of recent hard inquiries, along with my scores still not being very high.


I think in the next 6-12 months, you'll be skyrocketing and I'll be chipping away slowly ... good luck!

FICO 8 scores are deceptively high. My profile is young with a lot of new accounts and even more inquiries from 2019. The Barclay AU card is not on TransUnion; and, Equifax has some old positive accounts from 2011 that are not on the other two. That is the reason for the variation in scores. No derogs. Over 5/24 until fall 2021.

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Goals: Late 2020 - Ducks Unlimited card; scores in high 700s with inquiries aging. Long-term goal - Prime rate mortgage; able to qualify for most standard credit products.
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