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First GW success

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First GW success

I've been lurking around for some time, a lot of helpful advice here! I had closed my account and had to re join to share the news of my gw success.

my credit didn't take a dive from Covid but because of my inability to juggle and pay everything during family member cancer treatments.

I had started rebuilding my credit but score wasn't doing much, checked my reports and saw that I had a 60 d late from cap one back in 2018 during the midst of treatment. I figured why not try to write to executives as others had, so I did. I acknowledged my debt but explained the stressful circumstances we were under at the time and asked for compassion if they'd consider an adjustment to the 60d late marks and change the status from current -was 60 d late to just current. I emailed twice, one last week one this morning and by this afternoon I was called with an approval. They said by 30 days it should be off.
 I am so relieved as I'm needing to apply for an emergency home repair loan. Cap one has always been so helpful to me, From the secured cards that are helping me rebuild to the unsecured cards and banking.  I'm thankful that they approved my request.

the only other I have that is causing a hit is from a Swiss colony/wards charge off, same timeframe 2018. The account is reported as closed, the remarks charge off. I'm not sure if I should try a pay for delete or just pay it or settle. Any advice is appreciated.thanks so much.

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Re: First GW success


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Re: First GW success



Congrats on the Good Will Letter success with Capital One.  Good for you for taking the initiative and proactively addressing something that would have otherwise bitten you in your backside.  Late Payments hit hard (and said "hit" will affect everyone differently....a lot of that depends on your credit profile).


Regarding the Charge-Off - it is hurting and will hurt for some seven+ years from the DoFD (Date of First Deliquency).  And, the amount that was charged-off is hurting your utilization as that "counts" - and I am being VERY lax with language here - like an open credit card.  It hits your Credit Utilization as a single unit and it hits your Credit Utilization as a total.


If you can, deal with that as best you can as soon as you can.


Once that balance is down to $0 (whether you pay the total amount owed or your reach some agreement with them to pay a partial amount) this will present two goodies for you:  the credit utilization hit that you are experiencing from this goes away and the "hit" will start to age off.

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Re: First GW success

Thanks for the advice, it's $187 so I'm going to try and get it paid as soon as possible. I haven't found much success with pfd with them but I can try. In case they say no, at least I will have paid my debt and other potential creditors will see that it's at zero due with no  collections accounts.

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