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First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected


First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

In reading many successful stories here of goodwill letters, I figured I'd give it a try and send one to Capital One on an account I paid off 2-3 years ago (this was paid off through a CA).  I had nothing but high hopes for my success, based on the fact that I currently have two accounts in perfect standing.


Within two days of sending the email, I received a call from a representative who started off by praising my current standing and thanking my for my business, etc, etc (I should've known where this was headed at that point).  He went on to say that although CapOne appreciates the fact that I paid off the old account in full, it was against their policy to make ANY adjustments to ANY consumer accounts and that they would continue to report as they have been until the account falls off my credit report.  This being the first time I've ever tried something like this, I was certainly hesitant with any responses and didn't really process what happened until I got off the phone.


My questions at this point are first, how long do I need to wait until I can resend my goodwill letter? Does anyone have contact information for any rep at CapOne who may have a track record of approving goodwills?


I'm desperately trying to improve my credit as much as possible over the next year and a half so I can purchase my first home next fall (right before the first birthday of my upcoming first child! many "firsts"!), so any help offered is truly appreciated.

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Re: First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

from a previous post I recently made....


I sent 3 emails and the same well mannered girl Samantha called back 3 or 4 days later and basically said no.  Sent a letter to the CapOne address on my credit report....they sent back a letter and they said no.  Someone on here said to go on the CapOne website and ask the chat representative.  They said yes.  Had a long conversation ending with "so I'm done with this my one 30 day late is history".  Yes it is.......WRONG.  Two weeks later I get a letter saying it was denied so I called the CS hotline listed on the letter.  I tell him I have the printed transcript of our conversation and I read it to him.  Puts me on hold twice.  Finally comes back.  No.  So I send another email to the fake email address of the CEO and send them a scanned copy of the transcript.  They don't wait 4 days.. they call the very next morning.  Guess who?  Samantha.  She's still well mannered but noticibly annoyed.  I try to keep it light.  I'm not mad.  I explain my case AGAIN. She says she will research it again and call me back...still waiting..


Here's the silver lining.  I'm 54 years old.  I know the worst answer I will ever get it a doesn't hurt.  I've had alot of them.  But never be afraid to ask for something extra.  On the first talk with Samantha she got me a CLI from $300 to $500.  When I talked to her the other morning she asked if thee was anything else she could do...  I said "well...another CLI wouldn't hurt."  She asked how much and told her to $1k.  She said that she would see what she could do.  Saw just last night when I was checking my CC balance because it is due the 8th and reports of the 11th (it's already paid I just wanted to make sure it was all good).  LOW AND BEHOLD!!!  My CL  is now $1000.00.  That's only 3 months after I got my last one! 


So don't be afraid to ask and come out with something.  I don't expect them to forgive my late unless their legal dept tells them to.  I have proof of their rep saying yes.  That has to have some weight.


Good luck!

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Re: First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

When starting a GW campaign rejection is a way to try and discourage usually takes a few tries for a GW to be effective... Toyota took me 4 tries before the fixed it...depends on wording, who reads it and sheer luck...good luck!!!

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Re: First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

So do you just keep sending the same exact letter/email, or should you change it each time? 

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Re: First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

The answer no doesn't mean a thing.  It eventually winds up as a YES.  I apply the 'puke method'....they become so sick of hearing from me, they change their minds.

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Re: First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

I am likely in this boat with you, booze. Have not sent them a letter yet but I made the first call to them this morning and got the, Sorry, we do not goodwill. Can't remember her name but it was an Account Specialist. Waiting to here some opionions before I try again.  

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Re: First Goodwill to CapOne Rejected

I've been in touch with them also. I had one 30-day late payment in 2008 and other than that my account is perfect.


I sent a letter, then about 10 days after sending the letter started an online chat to follow up. I told the guy I wanted my 30-day late deleted from my credit and he at first said he couldn't give me any info about credit reporting and that I should contact the CRMs. I told him I wasn't asking for info I was simply asking that they delete the late payment as a measure of goodwill. He said he did not see any 30 day late payments on my account (so I'm assuming someone just deleted it after they got the letter and didn't respond to  it?). So he said he was going to submit a dispute for me since no 30-day lates should be reporting. 


After ending the chat I called the backdoor number for CapOne just to be sure I was hearing right because I've read stories here about the online chat reps doing nothing. I got transferred to a manager who was really nice and said she would take care of it for me and that it shouldn't be on my report.


This was about a week ago and no changes yet, I know it can take a few weeks though.  Crossing my fingers they were telling the truth! I think it just matters who you get. I guess I got lucky (hopefully).

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