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First Premeir PFD= Epic Fail

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First Premeir PFD= Epic Fail

So i emailed FP and asked for a PFD its a no go in response they said they are required by law to report accurate info, i can still pay off and they will report 0 balance.

Anyone know anything about the arbitration clause or other avenues? I emailed a contact at the upper level.


Also inquired about a c/o ginnys accont pfd i was told to call tmr and speak to credit svc.

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Re: First Premeir PFD= Epic Fail

FP is going to be a thorn in your side, they are just like Cap-1, PFD is out of the question... Your only chance is in year 6 post CO...

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Re: First Premeir PFD= Epic Fail

That is their way of attempting to put statuory clout behind their determination not to delete.

It is an incorrect statement of the law, however there is little one can do, as they need provide no reason not to delete.


The FCRA does not require the reporting of any information, and additinally does not make it a violation to reprot inaccurate information.

No statute can compel human accuracy.

It requires only that any information that is reported cannot knowingly be inaccurate.  FCRA 623(a)(1).


The real basis for their declination is not statutory, it is based on their reporting agreement with the CRAs.

The CRAs are in the business of selling credit reports, and the value of those reports is diminished if accurate information is subjectively deleted.

Thus, they have a policy instructing furnishers not to delete information based on payment of a debt.

The furnisher is thus most likely concerned with compliance with their reporting agreement with the CRA, not violation of statute.

Stating it is a violation of statute is used to impress consumers, and make them go away.


You need to get your request before a manaagement official with the discretion to grant exceptions to any non-deletion policy they might have.

While email is convenient, perhaps a personal call would permit shedding of a few crocodile tears.....

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