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First Premier GW

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First Premier GW

Hello all, I would like to GW FP to remove a late that 1+ years old, I feel like I have made enough on time payments, does anyone have that contact info that they could share?

Starting Score: 460
Current Score: EQ 764, TU 764, EX 740,
BOA AK AIR 30,000, Discover IT 6300, Freedom 25,300, Barclays RMC 15,660, Ring 15,000, BCE 15,000, QS17,000,AARP 15,000, ChaseFU 8,000,AND A LOT MORE!
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Re: First Premier GW

Good luck! Many have tried few have succeeded..


I have sent them over 6 GW letters which have all got the same response of "if you feel it has been reported incorrectly contact your credit reporting agency"

AU:(2/28/15 Starting FICO's EX= 685 TU= 689 EQ= 683 Goal=750 GARDEN- 3/3/2015 Last APP- 3/3/15)
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