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First Premier contacts

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First Premier contacts

Could someone please pm me their contacts for first premier? Hoping to get a 60 day late from 2010 removed. Much appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: First Premier contacts

I second this motion!! Trying to get a paid chargeoff zero balanceoff of my report. One rout i tried was this letter preparer site that had some sort of a contact and i wrote them through this site called..planetfeedback i dont know if it works as i just wrote it yesterday. was doing some research on here and they had success. because i need a verizon gone as well reports zero balance paid CO and you know they all said ohh yeah we will delete it but never got it in writing... rule number one get a letter first. oh well we live and learn. even though they are about to fall off in the next 2 yrs i still would rather they be gone now!

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