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Fixing Credit

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Fixing Credit

Hi all,
I had two credit cards ($1500 limit, $3500 limit) which until recently were nearly maxed out for the last 8 months.  I have had the one card since 2002 and the other one since 2005. These are my only two lines of credit. I have paid on time for each card every time. I just paid off the balances from both cards. (both cards now have 0 balance)
Should my credit score go up substanially? If so, how much (It's currently 662), and how quickly will I see a change?
I don't need to use my credit cards anymore, I know I shouldn't close the accounts, but do I have to keep using it somewhat to keep my credit score up?
Thanks, this is all so confusing...
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Re: Fixing Credit

You can expect to get ABOUT...10-15 points...per 10% lowered by...
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