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Focused on Rebuild

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Re: Focused on Rebuild

Cherekas wrote:


Thats awesome to know and I am looking forward to that update for myself as well. Was that the only negative reporting on your account? I have 2 charged off accounts so I anticipate my biggest increase to come after my second one is paid. Second one will be paid by July so I will hopefully see my increases by August.

It was the only charge off on my reports. I did have a medical collection at the time as well....I have since arranged for a PFD on the medical collection ($550) and paid it. Hopefully that will update in the next couple weeks. Aside from those two things, I have 6 credit cards paid on time with low/no utilization (currently reporting $600 balance on $25,800 credit lines) and one installment loan pays as agreed as well. 


I keep hovering in the high 600s, so my hope is when the medical collection disappears, I should be into the 700s. 

Starting Score:Low 500s in 2013
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Goal Score: 800 Across the Board
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