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Franklin Collections PFD / AMCA PFD too :-)

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Franklin Collections PFD / AMCA PFD too :-)

So in looking over my credit reports, I saw that I had two collections from Franklin Collection Services.  I thought these bills had be paid by my insurance company for some lab test.  Well i called to talk with a nice lady today.  I explained that I thought these had been paid and wanted to know how i could get them taken care of and have the information removed from my reports.   She politely told me that as soon as the payment was made, they would submit a request to the CRAs to have the information deleted. 


Now I know most say to get this in writing, but the debt is mine, so I paid for the past due bills.  Once it was finished, she said she was send me a receipt and that the request had be sent to have the information deleted from my reports.  Explained that it normally took 30-45 days for the bureaus to remove the data, but it could be up to 60. ( but most saw it within 30 days. )


I was rather shocked and happy that all of this was done with no hassle on my part.  Now to wait to see if the information actually does get deleted.


I will call AMAC tomorrow to address that bill.  ( Same OC, just different date... issues with OC and my insurance. :/  )


Edit:  AMCA agreed to payment and removall from my reports due to bad address.   They had my old address on file with the collection.  That clears all but one collection from my account, and that one is from 2009, so it will be falling off later this year if I can't get them to agree to remove it.

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Re: Franklin Collections PFD

I was in the same boat with them but had paid it off a year ago sent them a email they deleted it with in a week
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Re: Franklin Collections PFD

Good that they'll remove it. That will boost your profile!
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