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Fraud affidavit

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Re: Fraud affidavit

An "identity theft report" is the FCRA lingo for a police report.

In the language of FCRA 603(q), it includes, at a minimum, a report that:

1. alleges an identity theft

2. that is a copy of an official, valid report filed by a consumer with an appropriate federal, state, or local law enforecment agency, including the Unites Sttes Postal Inspection Service, or such other governmental agency deemed appropriate by the Bureau, and

3. the filing of which subjects teh person filing the report to criminal penalties relating to the filing of false information if, in fact, the information in the reprt is false.

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Re: Fraud affidavit


How would I go about filing an ID Theft Report?


My exgirlfriend signed up for a security system from a "Hot Sale" inside the house we were living in at the time. The salesman pressured her into signing up for a 5 year agreement for a house we were renting. She forged my signature/name/SSN infront of the salesman and now are coming after me for the balance. I have been fighting with them on and off for the past 3.5 years.


Filed a complaint with the BBB and the response I got was:


If this is truly fraud all we need is documentation stating such but as of yet it has not been provided to ******* nor the BBB for review. We are more than happy to help get this resolved but we have provided documentation showing the contract as well as it being signed and all we need is a fraud affidavit.

That could complicate things. If the CRA has reason to believe you benefitted in some way from the account, then they can deny the request to exclude it.


However, If the company rep was fully aware of the improper use of your credentials, I'd go after them for the fraud.

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