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Fraud and not even gotten credit established

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Fraud and not even gotten credit established

Ok so I have been waiting for about 3 weeks, my credit reports were cleen I have checked everyday for 2 weeks solid. I was waiting for my Wells Fargo secured to report with a $3 bal. $300 limit! Well this morning it appeared. But I realized something was wrong when I loged into credit Karma I always have to fill out the questions due to a thin file, everything was usual till I came to this page asking questions to verify my identity. I am 19 so I dont have a mortgage nor any other accounts just my Wells Fargo card, they asked about some weird things too. Well I now have to send them my birth certificate and my Drivers License to confirm who I am. 


Then I logged into Experians monitoring service and updated and was very excited my score is a 725/850! I am just going to buy like a candy bar from now on each month and pay it when the bill comes. I like that score very much. I want to buy a small condo in about 1 1/2  years for around $21,000 for college (I go to a junior college now so no rent Smiley Happy ) Already talked to the loan officer at Wells Fargo and siad they can do that amount just need employment history and credit history. 


Then I log into the Transunion report online and am horrified to find out my score is a 556! The wells fargo card did the inquiry there which I knew thats were they will pull for a condo loan when I apply so that one I want to be squeeky clean. Well I have over $3,000 owed it says and that I am delequent and all kinds of bad stuff on cards that are not mine. and also added alot of new adresses and names to my report! I called transunion and the lady was really nice and helped me by disputing them over the phone. I think I may file a police report as well and send a letter to all the creditors. I called them all and they said they didnt show me as having a account with them based on my social security number. I had my ss card with me so i had the right # for sure! Wells fargo is reporting very nicely but these other place are not.. 


Exquifax - None I dont have history yet they say... 


So what should I do now? Am I runied till they disapear should I go to the police station and file a report? and send copies to them? 

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Re: Fraud and not even gotten credit established

My daughter's debit card number got used and they took around $3000 from her. We had to file a police report to get the money back into her account from the bank.

So, I would say need to file the report.


The sad part of this is that they were using her card in various states...they are not stupid.  To prosecute them, if they found them, would require that she travel to each state at her own expense.  Crazy legal system...they should make the guilty person do the traveling at their expense to where she is!!!

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Re: Fraud and not even gotten credit established

Don't assume identity theft yet. If the creditors that you called said they didn't have any accounts for you, it may be that those accounts belong to someone else and were matched to you by name, address, etc.


Get the complete reports and do the research. Sounds more likely to be an error than identity theft based upon the information provided.

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Re: Fraud and not even gotten credit established

+1 Greg.  You disputed as not yours with TU.  Find out the outcome of that before you go and file.

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Re: Fraud and not even gotten credit established

Go to, there you can pull all 3 reports for free (1x a year) to get the full picture...if it is fraud, I highly advise to file a police report. 

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Re: Fraud and not even gotten credit established

Your situation is prime for using the FCRA fraud/identity theft process, which congress enacted to deal with the adverse credit reporting and scoring impacts of fraud/identity theft information.


The dispute process is not the best way to deal with such issues.  When you dispute, the creditor is required to investigate their records and confirm based on their information that the reporting was accurate.  The dispute process does not compel them to produce documents or evidence to support their verification,  and thus does not get the real issue resolved.  They have no way of knowing their records may be fraudulent, so verification on their part is appropriate.


The FCRA identity theft process was enacted to permits consumers, by filing a sworn statement before law enforcement officials that the information was never authorized by them, and accordingly must have been done by another, to instantly get the information blocked from their credit report (FCRA 605B)) by sending a copy to the CRA, and additionally require the creditor to produce business records pertaining to the account (FCRA 609(e)) that they are not compelled to provide via the dispute process.


It starts with willingness to put your assertions in a sworn police report. 


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