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Frederick J Hanna and Associates issue

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Frederick J Hanna and Associates issue

Has anyone had to deal with these collectors?  something really strange happened yesterday. 


In 2009, this CA had a judgement issued on my husband's CR on behalf of Citi Financial.   We had been trying to work with them to settle the debt and get the judgment vacated, but they were not flexible at all.  In my conversation with them, I hinted that I would work directly with the OC.  They actually told me that the OC would not have hired them if they wanted to deal directly with me......basically stating that it would be a waste of energy to work directly with OC.


I called the OC anyway, and finally got a return call yesterday.  When I informed them about this collector and the judgment, they told me that there's nothing in their systems showing that they turned this account over to a 3rd party.  I found this to be very strange.


Has this ever happened to anyone?  I've read some real horror stories about this CA...and now I'm wondering if they've done some underhanded stuff.


I gave the OC all of the CA information, and they are going to contact them directly.  I also told her that I would prefer to work directly with them as I was not able to get anywhere with the CA, she told me that she would make sure that we settle directly with them and not the CA. 

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