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From mid 400's to 600's!!

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From mid 400's to 600's!!

I am thrilled! I cannot contain the excitement. Everyone is this forum is unbelievable amazing. Seriously, awesome credit repair advise.

I was very irresponsible with my credit and I was never educated on the importance of credit or how to use it- Also I never took the time to learn – my fault.

I got very serious about credit repair around Jan 30 2008. I seriously thought about paying all the collections off so it can help my credit but right before doing that, I found this amazing forum.

My scores were not even in the 500’s, they were mid 400. I had bad credit and NO credit – that’s like -credit. Worst combination.

My highest score was EQ 488. I don’t even want to tell you how low Experian was (my lowest score still).

My baddies were the following:

Comcast collection ( TU + EQ)

  1. Wachovia collection (TU, EX, EQ)
  2. WAMU collection (TU, EX, EQ) (duplicate collections as well by different CA)
  3. BOFA collection (TU, EX, EQ) (duplicate collections as well by different CA)
  4. NYPL collection (TU, EX)
  5. Ballys account with tons of +90, +30 +150 +120 (TU, EX)
  6. Ballys collection (EX only ) for my sister’s account
  7. Bloomingdale’s charge off (TU, EX, EQ)
  8. Macy’s charge off (TU, EX, EQ)

Also, I had my identity stolen and had about 33 inquiries removed from Experian and Equifax – TU apparently 8 inquiries.

Also no positive open TL whatsoever.

I was really depressed, specially because I needed to move out by May and they would check my credit report. The stress between having items deleted just in time to move in was terrible. However, I believed in this forum but didn’t think that I would find much success because I had a lot of negative items.

Anyway, I started disputing items and then if they came back verified, I would PFD the CA. Some said yes and some said no. I PFD WAMU, WACHOVIA. Macys and Bloomingdales- there was a mix up with my address so I took advantage of that and they reopened.

Macys gave me hard time. They first wouldn’t delete, then I tried planet feedback to see if they can delete, nothing! I called one day and spoke with a guy who was REALLY NICE-and he left my account positive but said he couldn’t reopen my account because a check bounced back! I never paid with checks! So anyway, waited a few months until my EX report was clear of negative things and they agreed to reopen it. If you need help with an account w/ Macys call 1-800-627-2909.

BOFA- I had fraudulent charges that were not mine and since it was back on ’06 they couldn’t really prove anything so they got deleted.

I send a letter to COMCAST to PFD and they never responded but deleted it off my credit report within like 2 months.

NYPL was w/ unique collections. After I paid them, I disputed saying that I had contacted this company and never validated the debt. Lol.

Ballys- I contacted the CEO via email and also had rejoined w/ a 3 year contract and paid off my new membership in full (around $1500- it’s half off if you pay it upfront anyway).

I added a fraud alert to my credit report for 90 days and disputed the inquires- the 3 CRA didn’t even bother investigating!! They deleted them the same day.

I’ll be honest- it took a while and I had given up on a couple of things. But I just kept trying!

My best advice, always contact the CEO- lol I always got fast responses and things taken care within a week. It also looks bad for a CEO not to respond.


My current TL:

  1. Bloomingdales $600.00 (can ask for an incensement in 3 months) (they reopened and deleted derogatory items off)
  2. Macys $ 200.00 (can ask for an incensement in 3 months) (they reopened and deleted derogatory items off)
  3. BOFA secured (opened w/ $300 and I added more funds so it’s now $800)
  4. Orchard secured (opened w/200 and I added more funds so it’s now $200)
  5. First Premier Bank unsecured $200 but at least it’s helping me build credit.
  6. Crown Jewelers $2500
  7. KAY Jewelers $3000 ($4050 for taxes)
  8. AMEX $1000
  9. Chase $2000 (after recon)
  10. Capital One $500
  11. Hooters (don't know the limit yet)

(some of these cards are recent and not showing on my CRA yet)

It looks like I will be approved for Hooters. Hopefully and now with more derog items deleted, if they denied my I’ll recon with a current credit report.

Anyway, I’m just very happy and wanted to share my story.

My scores are a little low because of high utility- I went on vacations and used them L So after I pay $1000 on August 15 (total owed balance on all my cards) they should all report to zero.

I will NEVER be late on an account. I will rather STARVE than ever be late. It feels great to be in the directions toward great credit.

Oh yeah scores!! TU 640 (couple of days ago it was 607), EQ 645, EX 623 (hates me). So hopefully after I pay those cards down, my scores will improve!!!

Thank you all!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I just got approved for a Chase Freedom Visa Signature w/ 2K limit. I was denied online but I called the recon # 1-888-245-0625!!!

Message Edited by preci0uz on 07-25-2008 01:38 PM

Message Edited by preci0uz on 07-25-2008 01:38 PM
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Re: From mid 400's to 600's!!

Congratulations! Awesome improvement is scores! Great job! I wish you continued success!
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Re: From mid 400's to 600's!!

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smiley Very Happy
4/15/2008 EQ 539 TU 489 EX 575, 7/25/2008 EQ 669 TU 555 EX 611, 7/31/2008 EQ 669 TU 555 EX 624, 8/5/2008 EQ 669 TU 586 EX 624
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Re: From mid 400's to 600's!!

Congradulations on the pay for delete working.
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Re: From mid 400's to 600's!!

Congrats you have really encouraged me to stay on this road that I have started!! Awesome and motivating story!

Starting Score: TU- 682, EQ- 698, EX- 713
Current Score: TU- 723, EQ- 747, EX- 737
Goal Score: 760 PLUS FICO's

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Re: From mid 400's to 600's!!

Awesome success!  Keep up the good work.
Like you, I think I'd rather starve than be late or anything now that I've seen my credit improve. Smiley Happy  Feels good doesn't it!
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Re: From mid 400's to 600's!!

thank you for sharing...I am in the boat you were previously (400' inspiring!
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