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GECRB Contact


Re: GECRB Contact

Omg congrats!! I wrote her a gw email, I HOPEEEEE I get the same results you did. Although, I am asking for a full deletion. I hope shes able to help me out!

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Re: GECRB Contact

Thanks! It was amazing how fast the matter was resolved. I got an immediate email back and then a return call within the hour saying they would remove the lates as a one time courtesy. I hope things workout for you @Karnage146

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Re: GECRB Contact

Searched all the boards for help with GECRB and came across this thread, anyway I sent an email to the Margaret lady and received a phone call in less than in hour from  the financial group with solutions to my problems.!!! Thanks a lot for this info!!!! 

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Re: GECRB Contact

Would you mind sending me Margaret's email address in a PM please. I have successfully emailed GE before, but for some reasons I always get bounce backs when I try to email her. I either have the name or domain wrong.

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Re: GECRB Contact

Ditto for Margaret please.


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Re: GECRB Contact

PM sent to both... Good luck!!

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