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Just got a My Fico credit alert telling me that GECRB had removed all my lates of my JCPenny account WOOHOO! I just sent out my GW letter last week...I can not believe that it happened that fast Smiley Happy Just wanted to share!

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

Great work... Congrats!

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

That's great, congrats!

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

What address did you send the GW letter for jcpenney? I would like to know thank you very much.
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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

Merry merry you congrats

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

Thats great news. I'm needing to GW them. Could you PM me the info that you sent your GW to? Thanks. 

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

Could you PM me the address or email that you sent the GW to? thanks!!!

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

Does anyone have the contact? Please pm if you do! Thank you.

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Re: GECRB/ JCPenny

Would also love the contact information. Congratulations on the removal. That's awesome!

Also, if you could PM a draft of your GW letter, I'd appreciate it as well. 

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