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GEMB JCPenney 30 day late delete success


GEMB JCPenney 30 day late delete success

Hey guys, well I started working on the 2 negative 30 days late on my report hardcore a few weeks ago. I searched high and low, got some emails from here, wrote letters to GEMB disputes, made phone calls, etc.


Well, all was with no success. Today, weeks later, oddly, I get a letter stating that "all derogatory comments related to your account have been deleted" and an apology about them.


I called JCP Executive office a few weeks ago who got me in contact with their higher up people at GEMB. The lady from GEMB called me, so I do not have a direct line, if anyone was curious.


So, for you guys -- DO NOT STOP TRYING because eventually it seems like you will get through to so meone to help. Hopefully you guys will have some success with them too!

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