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GM Financial Charge Off

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GM Financial Charge Off

In my first post I said how having my car repo’d in July was what caused me to wake up and start taking care of my credit. The day after my car was repo’d, GM Financial sent out a letter stating that they intended to sell my car at auction and that I could be responsible for a deficiency. It did not give me a date, place or time of said auction in the letter. I have been waiting to receive some kind of notice of when the auction will be. I never got notice but just recently received a new letter stating that the car was sold a few weeks after repo and that I owe almost $10k, which has reflected on my CRA reports.


Since I was never given notice, my right to attend the auction was violated. Do I have a chance of getting the repo off my CRA reports because of this? 

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Re: GM Financial Charge Off

I'd kind of like to know this too.  I was repo in Mid May 2014 I never received anything at least for two weeks after but then I quickly moved May 31st.  It has since been charged off with a balance.  I have no idea if the balance is correct.  I'd like some guidance.  They did a soft credit check in March 2018 but I've never heard from them again.  

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