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GM Financial not reporting

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GM Financial not reporting

I got an auto loan with GM financial in November 2017. When I checked my credit in the beginning of this March

I noticed GM financial had not updated my balance or payment history. I disputed the account and I just received the

results. They have updated the balance but not the payment history. I am referencing that part of the account on the credit report where there are ok's next to each month you made a payment. The account does say current should I dispute again to get them to show where I made my monthly payments?

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Re: GM Financial not reporting


I experienced the same. Awful interest rate with GM financial and they failed to report my on time payments or update my balance after November 2017. I called them a couple of weeks ago and the CSR informed me that the company updated their “system” and are no longer reporting to credit bureaus. I politely smiled and and said that this practice was not fair to cunsimers and the next week I refinanced my vehicle. Notable information, I bout the car in July 2017 and they reported July through November but after that, nothing. I refinanced this April with a prime lender.
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Re: GM Financial not reporting

 I have a terrible rate also with GM financial, I wonder is it a ploy to prevent consumers with challenged credit from getting

there credit on track so they cant refinanced from there terrible rates.

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Re: GM Financial not reporting

I called about a week ago and CSR told me that they will report in a couple of weeks everyone’s accurate status. She said that for January everyone will have a D for the month but it should not have a negative or positive effect on reports. Not sure why the D but to me it seems unfair to the ones that are current. They can tell by the date of when they pulled the payment from my account that it was before my due date. Anyway that’s what I got from them, how much of it is true? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
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Re: GM Financial not reporting

Following is a complete listing of the codes provided by the CRAs in their reporting manual, the Credit Reporting REsource Guide, for reporting of a monthly payment history profile, with D used to designate no data available:


 0 = 0 payments past due (current account)

1 = 30 - 59 days past due date

2 =  60 - 89 days past due date

3 = 90 - 119 days past due date

4 = 120 - 149 days past due date

5 = 150 - 179 days past due date

6 = 180 or more days past due date

B  =  No payment history available prior to this time – either because the account was not open or because the payment history cannot be furnished.  A “B” may not be embedded within other values.

D = No payment history available this month.   “D” may be embedded in the payment pattern.

E = Zero balance and current account

            (Applies to Credit Cards and Lines of Credit)

G = Collection

H = Foreclosure Completed

J  = Voluntary Surrender

K = Repossession

L = Charge-off


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Re: GM Financial not reporting

They are reporting D no data available., but current status. Is this helping or hurting my credit?
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Re: GM Financial not reporting

I called them about this as well. I was told that it has something to do with a major system upgrade that they did a few months back. The rep told me they are beginning to send the updated data to the CRAs. She said they all should be updated in a few weeks.
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Re: GM Financial not reporting

Same here, they haven't updated in almost five months and I got this reply from GMFINANCIAL today. 


"Credit reporting was turned off due to system issues from when our systems were updating in January.  I'm happy to let you know that we are finally resuming credit reporting as of May 7th.  Your credit report should update in the next 30 to 45 days."

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Re: GM Financial not reporting

Not sure if this was answered. There were issues with their site and as they were updating they did not report to the credit bureaus. About a month ago, received notice from they they had resolved whatever issues and would adjust any negative reports (if due to their system issues). They did not address the on time payment reporting.



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