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GW Letter Questions

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Re: GW Letter Questions should go back to the OC...once you have settled the account with the CA...
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Re: GW Letter Questions

so are saying that instead of sending a GW letter to the CA once it has been should send it to the OC instead?

if a CA accepts a GW....does that mean the OC will take it off too?
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Re: GW Letter Questions

Dont forget to DV first (if they are CAs)  You cant DV OCs Smiley Very Happy  See I learned something
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Re: GW Letter Questions

If you would please help me with the medical derog process.  I have a derog for $200 that I need to make go away. My ex is responsible for my daughter's medical bills, but somehow this one showed up on my CBR (all three agencies actually). Not only did it appear from out of nowhere, but it appeared as an ugly derog.
My understanding is that I need to pay the bill directly to the hospital, and then wait for the check to clear. Then I start writing letters. But who do I write to and what do I write? Once the bill is paid what do I ask for from the hospital? Or do I ask for something at the time that I pay the bill? I have been reading the forum for two days now and feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information. As fabulous as this forum is .... and trust me IT IS ..... I need a little hand holding to get me through this specific process.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated !!!!!
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