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GW No Luck

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GW No Luck

 On my 3rd round of GW letters without any success.Guess I have to start making phone calls if I don't hear anything in next couple weeks.


Capital One - They respond with the normal auto response.

Carmax Auto Finance - 3 30 day late payments over 4 years still on my reports. Paid in full a year early. No responses.

First National Bank of Omaha - Even though I worked with a Credit Counseling agency to pay them off I still have negative stuff on my report until next April. Credit Counseling agencies are garbage.  They do not respond to GW.


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Re: GW No Luck

A CCCS cannot help you in a GW processs.  Only the OC can. CCCS have only one job - to lower your interest rates, if possible, and allow you to make a single payment to pay multiple creditors.  The OC does not hold the CCCS responsible for late/partial payments.  My only derog occured because of that.

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Re: GW No Luck

Yeah they try to lower your interest. They never got mine lowered. They say their independent but in reality they work for the credit card companies. Just saying I always mention CCCS in my GW letters, but FNBO never responds.

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