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GW Palisades Success - 10 point Increase!!

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GW Palisades Success - 10 point Increase!!

I just wanted to say that I sent a GW Letter to the President of Palisades after reading on this forum where others have had success with GW.  I've been trying to get this account to report correctly for the last couple of years.  I'm getting ready to do a new home construction and really needed to raise my score.  They were reporting each and every month as 120 days past due even though the bill had been paid in 2007.  I pulled my CR this AM and to my surprise the GW Letter worked!!!!  It has been deleted from all 3 CRA's and I had a 10 point increase on my EQ Fico score!



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Re: GW Palisades Success - 10 point Increase!!

Good Job, keep up the good work! I know the feeling of success!

Rebuilding and Reducing Debt, is my game plan.
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