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GW help please!

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GW help please!

On 12/28 I emailed chase asking them to gw an account. In addition to reporting 2-30 day lates from 2009, it is for a HELOC that I refianced in 09/2009 which is not being reported as closed. 

Today I received an overnight priority envelope from Chase, but it was sent to the wrong address (wrong house number). They basically ask for me to call and give them the whole account number in order to research my request and to calll them by January 4th at the latest. 

I am confused because in addition to having the wrong address, they also included the "We are a debt collector. If you are represented by an attorney, please refer this letter to your attorney and provide us with the attorney's name, address, and telephone number. To the extent your original obligation was discharged, or is subject to an automatic stay of bankruptcy unter Title 11.....ect, ect." message on the bottom of the letter.

Should I be worried? Has anyone received a similar notice? I had two mortgages that I had refinanced with them not reported as closed, but I disputed with the credit agency and when they came back verified, they started reporting as closed and I did get a little bump in my credit score. 


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Re: GW help please!

I called the 800 number on my credit report and they won't help me because I don't have the last four numbers of my account number from 2009. The way the rep was talking to  me it sounds like I reached the collections department. Any one have any experience with this? Thank you!

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