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GW letter Q&A, Examples, and GW Success Stories

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Re: GW letter Q&A, Examples, and GW Success Stories

So here is the question I have.  I am a 24 year old college student and I am trying to do what I cant to get my credit history straightened back out now when I can afford to rather than later when I may not be able to.  there are only 3 negative marks on my credit score 1.) approx. $900, 2.) approx. $250, and 3.) approx. $175.  I am hopeing to be able to pay all 3 off by the end of January.  The largest one I am going to have to take a settlement on because its just outside the range of what I can pull together.  Is a GW the best way to go about trying to get them to remove the charges from my credit history even though I intend to pay the debits?  Also, should I include my intention to pay the debts in the GW?



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Re: GWs

Congrats!! I would like to know if you can pm me some of the emails you've sent GW letters too. It would be MOST appreciated. Just seeing this makes me excited. 

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Re: GW letter Q&A, Examples, and GW Success Stories

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